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Household Roles

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This topic might hit a cord with a few people. If my mother read my blog she would have a slew of comments on this topic. Anyways, back to the topic….Household roles.

You know, like who does what around the house. We are a family of four; me, my husband, our 3.5 year old, and our 6 weeks old, so the household chores get split between the adults. We are working on adding chores to Little Miss’ day, but that is another post at another time.

Like I was saying, our chores are split between King Henry and I. In our home they are NOT split 50/50 by amount of work. To us that doesn’t seem fair. King Henry is the sole breadwinner in the family and we have made the decision that he will be the only one to work as long as we can afford it. With that decision came the agreement that if I get to stay home with the girls I will take on the household chores for the most part.

I cook, clean, do laundry, take care of the girls needs during the day/night while King Henry is working or sleeping. His chores are to work, grocery shop (he is WAY better at it then I), TRY to take Little Miss off of my hands when he gets home, and I try to get him to do the trash and pick up after himself. I don’t think all men are like this, but King Henry needs a little push on the last two. 😉

I do a lot for the family that some people think could/should be a shared thing. Waking with the baby at night (both girls’ for that matter), bath time I do about 80% of the time, and diaper changing. He has not changed ONE diaper since Sissy has been home, and I would not have it ANY OTHER WAY! If anyone out there has a little girl they can understand where we are coming from. They have very fragile “parts” and it’s just better for Mama to handle that.

Basically I do most…and I love it actually. This may sound kinda weird to some people, but growing up I always wanted to be a housewife. I’m not the best at keeping a clean house and cooking the best meals, but I am learning and growing right along with my little family.

Anyone else have a different way of splitting up the household chores?

-The Queen P


The Story of Us…

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The Story of Us…

So where do I begin…

My husband and I had quite a whirlwind of a relationship in the beginning. Things went pretty fast, pretty quickly. Let me get to how it all began.

I met my husband through one of my best girlfriends, Lola. We have known each other since 3rd grade. Lola, along with some other girlfriends and I went to a “get together” at the house of a friend of a friend of ours in another town.

Confused yet?!

My hubby caught my eye because he had the prettiest curly RED hair I have ever seen. Over the next 3 days we talked on the phone for hours and were quickly dating.

Young Love

This was all in December of ’04. By January we were still going strong and I got a phone call saying that I had an admissions interview with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco. I give great thanks to my husband because he pushed me to apply; I thought I didn’t stand a chance getting in. Well, I got in and was starting their summer session. This meant graduating in June and then moving THREE WEEKS LATER!! All of this while still in a very fresh relationship. That didn’t stop us. I moved in July and King Henry stayed with me (and my roommate) for the first two weeks I was there. After that we knew that we didn’t want to be apart.

My corner of my apartment!

We got lucky and through some new friends from school I found him a place to stay (it was also in the same building as me!!); he also got lucky and found a job the first day he went out looking. So in August at the ripe age of 17 King Henry followed me to San Francisco.

Now that’s love!

As many know…roommates don’t always work out, so in November, after dating for almost a year, we moved in together OFFICIALLY! That following February we told our parents we were engaged, and started thinking of the big day.

Lots of changes happened next!

When our lease was up in June we moved back to my parents. Not the best, but the only choice. I commuted to school and he decided to join the military. But first, the wedding!! We got married on January 20th 2007!!

The Mr. and Mrs.

Us and our wedding party!

It was a very small wedding with about 40 of our closest family and friends. Three weeks after we got married, the DAY BEFORE VALENTINES DAY, he left to boot camp.

The military was short lived.

He was out and home within a month. That was the best decision he ever made! Within a month of King Henry being home we conceived Little Miss! She was actually born EXACTLY one week after our first wedding anniversary. Fast forward almost 4 ½ years of marriage later and we just welcomed Sissy into our beautiful family!!

Little Miss fresh and new!

Sissy fresh and new!

Well, there you have it! The story of The Queen P and her King Henry!!

-The Queen P

Let’s try this again!

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Well, hello there.

I’m Lizzy. The wife to my High School sweetheart King Henry, married since Jan ’07, and the mama to my two princesses, Little Miss was born in Jan ’08 and Sissy was born May ’11!  I am a Fashion Designer by trade, graduating from FIDM a mere 30 weeks before becoming a mommy, and a Stay- at-home mama by choice! I wouldn’t change my life for a thing!!! I love to craft and sew, I try my hand at crocheting here and there, and I am learning more and more each day how to be a better cook, and a better housewife. I’m also trying to find my “voice” in this crazy blog land that I love so much.

I’m trying my hand at this blogging thing once again. This blog is for me to get out my frustrations, inspirations, and creations. Family oriented with a touch of crafting thrown in to make things interesting. Thanks for stopping by and following my journey!

Queen Lizzy